Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich calls it: “the biggest change in the American workforce in over a century.”

Gig Economy

Want New Customers or Clients?  Considering Self Employment?  

Working a startup?  Want Speaking Gigs?  Want to Sell Your ANYTHING?

Welcome to the NEW

On Demand Gig Economy MARKETPLACES 

WHERE YOU WILL BECOME TRANSFORMED! - "The Wall Street Journal, of The OnDemand Gig Economy!"


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Here, in this Marketplace, YOU and YOUR Personal Story, Become YOUR "Offer", YOUR Business and YOUR Success

Feeling Left Behind?


Your small business, consulting or coaching practice could be suffering by operating in the past - dead in the water - in the old economy?

Tune into where the real action and opportunity is - the digital economy.

Join the thought and success leaders in the new OnDemand Gig Economy - equally critical for individuals, small businesses or corporations.

The old economy is not dead, but it’s struggling. It can look and feel like only a mirage, and is no longer the reality for most people. And you can’t make money in the past - it's time join the present and future!

THE FACT IS THAT, if your small business, professional office, or life or business coaching practice, DOES NOT YET UNDERSTAND that we are ALL now living and working in the new OnDemand Gig Economy (whether as individuals or corporations); then you're operating in the PAST, rather than facing CURRENT life, or business realities.

The old economy may not YET be fully reorganized around on demand gigs, but much of it is already just a mirage, and no longer the reality for most people and businesses. You can’t make money in the past, and neither can your clients!

Are you worried about losing your job next month? Or next year?

Are you concerned about your current income or career?

What if you KNEW you could have ample high paying clients, on an ongoing basis, paying you for what you LOVE doing? How would that feel?

What if you could find a way to double, or even triple how much money you earn without having to work more hours?


What if you could make even more of a difference in the lives of your clients?


Well now you can … and work TOGETHER with us and our OnDemand Gig Economy Community and Gig Marketplace.

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Media Marketing Mentoring from Media Thought Leader, Mike Hayes



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Sell Your ANYTHING and Achieve Personal Happiness!

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Here,  we help small businesses CUT their marketing costs dramatically by simplifying marketing down to what works.  How? It’s easy when most small business owners are over-paying  for marketing by 500 to 900% because they got oversold by an under-experienced sales person, or freelancers.

So we make marketing simpler, and cheaper, by interviewing them enough to create a short audiobook about their small business story and press release style mailers to send directly to the targeted prospective customers on Linkedin we find for them. FOR THEM cheaper and faster than they can do it themselves. This is important because it’s not only about making more sales, but keeping more profit (and I LOVE helping shy or introverted people tell their story comfortably).

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Sell Your ANYTHING and Achieve Personal Happiness!

NOW, with Mike Hayes,

Turn Your Spoken Words Into Cash Overnight,

Digital Direct Response

and Authority Audiobooks.

NOTE: Personally, I work best helping Growth Mindset Business owners who want to join the digital evolution.

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AutoResponders & Email Marketing

★ EXPO Marketing and networking

★ Smart Social Media

★ Content Curation & Marketing

★ Mobile Device Integration

★ Website Optimization & Design

★ Search Engine Optimization

★ Audio & Video Marketing

★ Peer to Peer Networking

★ Free Classified Advertising

★ TV & Radio Publicity and Advertising

★ Audiobook and Audio Workbooks

     produced for you.

★ TeleClasses and Webinars Produced

★ Digital and Conventional Publicity & PR





★ Get Your Next Customers

★ Get More Speaking Gigs

★ Start Meeting the Right People

★ Get Targeted Leads

★ Build Your Mailing List

★ Sell More Physical Books

★ Get Higher Paying Clients

★ Gain Instant Authority Recognition

★ Gain More Time in YOUR LIFE

★ Stop Spinning Your Wheels

★ Get Your Story Told

★ Broadcast Yourself & Your Message

USE Audiobook MARKETING - like we do

★ Become a Linkedin Celebrity


★ Coaches

★ Speakers

★ Authors

★ Experts

★ Entrepreneurs

★ Startups

★ Small Business Owners

★ Network Marketers

★ Franchises

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Author, Mike Hayes, Founder and CEO of Big Idea Express

Mike's quotes from a recent interview:

"I have a lot of fun helping businesses clarify their message - and capturing it for them in an audiobook.

And when they clarify their message this way it creates their authority, and when they populate this audiobook, across all their marketing and mobile collateral - or even what they say at a cocktail party - and include it on their website.

I turn their elevator pitch, in Painless Digital Direct Response Audiobook.

"Before working with Mike, I was nervous about recordings. My experience with him was not only easy but re-purposed my success stories in a way that outlined my teleclasses and scope in an inviting way for all of my future prospects to take advantage of. He did an excellent job of delving, narrating and adding the professional flair to the recording. I highly recommend him!"

When people HEAR them, talk about their business much more clearly, in their audiobook; their business grows.

I’ve used audiobooks successfully in my own digital marketing businesses for many years.

So I created a Simple Interview Framework, based on my training at NBC in New York.

And businesses go through my Interview Framework, and when it’s done, they know exactly how to talk about their business.

I record it so their prospects hear them tell it perfectly, every time.

The problem with most businesses, is that they have good products is that they don’t know how to talk about.

They are so close to it, they can’t talk about it in such a way, that anybody would be remotely interested in buying that product.

And we’ve solved that problem.

CLICK our link: Create your own FREE account in our Jumpstart Your Business EXPO & Our Authority Audiobook Conference to get more money into your business.

I’m really excited for you, - because this is your opportunity - to deepen your knowledge - and improve your skill in the - “Getting of Money” - into your YOUR business.

Imagine - being able to bring in - more revenue - and more profits - for your business, - whether you are -an entrepreneur, - or a speaker, - or an author, - or a business owner, - or a manager - and being able - to bring in that extra revenue, - or that extra profit - without spending extra money.

In fact - maybe by spending - less money!

Well, that's what - we offered to show you, - and to give you - in the free - Jumpstart Your Business and Authority Audiobook Marketing Expo.

This is becoming - a giant - ongoing - online expo, - seminar, - trade show, - or convention - that you don't have to travel to attend.

It’s all online - so there’s no airfare, - there’s no hotel accommodations, -there’s no taxis - or Uber to our EXPO - just click a button to open a free account - and YOUR IN an EXPO full of over 30 - Money Getting Ways and Means to Jumpstart Your Business."

How We Got Started

I have many years of experience in media (with NBC & CNN News) & marketing (TV & Radio Informercials), sales and product publicity working with thousands of startup businesses & solopreneurs. Today, I want to enjoy my time sharing information because sharing works better than selling. 

Experience this at

NBC TV & Radio Veteran, Mike Hayes helps entrepreneurs achieve short term cash flow with his unique direct response infomercial style "interview audiobooks" by capitalizing on media marketing shifts.

Mike calls Big Ideas Express his Home so he can show and tell entrepreneurs all about the new "Story Telling Media Marketing" for ALL businesses, local, national or global to 'Get the Word Out' because nobody can hire you or buy from you, if they don't know about you!  

Speaking with Mike gets RESULTS.  So  your are seeking results for your business, ask for free mentoring, or get your questions answered now.

Ez-Infomercials are mobile infomercials packaged for smart entrepreneurs to

look to like AUDIOBOOKS, complete with a smart device ready DIGITAL BOOK COVERS.

Get More New Customers: Let us help you AUTHOR YOUR OWN AUDIOBOOK Today at

Mike is veteran NBC & CNN Broadcaster Social Marketing Local Leads Expert and/or Speedy Social Media and Mobile Campaign Audiobook Producer/Distributor (PLUS Creator with Book Covers Designed to Close Sales) on a Tiny Shoestring Budget!

The Smart Infomercial Method

Smart infomercials are Mobile First Audio/Video Interviews of YOU which we PACKAGE with Your Own Book Cover designed to make you “Look Like” the Newly Published Author You’ll Instantly Be with your Own Information Book. 

We want your Smart Infomercial to “Work Like” Your New Customer Magnet Book so we can Broadcast You, and Your Message Across Our OmniChannel Marketing METHOD via, mobile, email, websites, online networking (and optionally even radio and TV too)!

"We Never Interview Anyone Unless We are Sure It will Do Them Some Good!"

Click Below to Set up a 1-to-1 Strategy Session with Me to Gain Clarity and Get Your Questions ANSWERED!

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and even produced one of Tony Robbin's first TV commercials as well as commercial and infomercials of hundreds of other companies (including one $200 Million dollar infomercial success story).

Today, Mike's passion is helping entrepreneurs achieve short term cash flow with his unique direct response infomercial style "interview audiobooks".

Mike says, "It used to be called Direct Response Advertising but ever since The Big Media Shift you no longer need to spend big bucks to create a direct response TV or radio commercial and then spend another bundle to air it to SEE if it's successful. It's great when it works effectively and sucks when it doesn't (back to the drawing board).'

'That downside cost has changed dramatically - or has even been eliminated today.

Any small business can now use the same proven principles of direct response promotions without the high risk, and cost of broadcasting your story as a commercial or infomercial on TV or radio.

The best new way I've found to use direct response principles to promote or advertise your products or services is with an audiobook interview to use like your commercial.

Social Media and Mobile Campaign Audiobooks are the new way to broadcast your commercial.

TeleClasses online is the best new way to broadcast your "infomercial".

Sharing is the new selling to see your your cash flow soar with a very simple 3 step process:

1. Get future customers to see and hear your invaluable information and background story!

2. Get their questions answered!

3. Get their account with you activated!

When your costs and risks are low enough then you can afford to 1) test your story on prospects, 2) observe the direct response and analytics, 3) adjust your story selling approach as needed, then 4) ideally expand out of short term cash flow."


Mike Hayes Broadcaster Social Marketing Expert Local Leads and/or Speedy Audiobook Productions with Book Covers Designed to Close Sales on a Tiny Shoestring Budget!


Mike Hayes is the Founder and CEO of Big Ideas Express, which is a business marketing and consulting agency based in San Francsico and Silicon Valley Bay Area in California.

Mike has spent most of his long and successful career as a broadcaster and media marketing expert with NBC TV and radio in NY, CNN-TV News in LA and 25 years in TV and radio infomercial industry helping entrepreneurs and business owners gain affordable access to media exposure.


San Francisco:

300 Broadway, Suite 8, San Francisco, CA 94133

East Bay:

1547 Palos Verdes Mall, Walnut Creek, CA 94597