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Professional Experience

If these celebrity pictures make you think Mike believes he's a "Big Shot" of that working with him must be expensive... then you don't know Mike!

Mike is ALL about simplifying marketing FOR everyday entrepreneurs to that YOU have access to the same media marketing that launched today's successes when they were in need of help.

Small Business Media Marketing Mentor - In Demand, and On Demand, Speaker and Expert Small Business Panelist

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The Small Business Market is Broken -- So We Created the www.OnDemandGigEconomy.com - -STRATEGY - to Fix It!

Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Authors, Experts, Consultant, Marketers, inventors, Crowdfunders, and Startups...

Michael Hayes understands that the old small business market is broken; when it comes to getting new clients and customers.

He solves this.

Because of his long and successful career in media and marketing, Mike recognized that our small business system has recently gone through the biggest shift he's ever seen ("Biggest in a Century," according to the Former US Labor Secretary, Robert Reich). 

Mike became Co-Leader of Helping Grow USA for an important reason: to help entrepreneurs transform their mindset to the fact that we are already in the Freelance Gig Economy. 

Mike, and his team of associates, developed the On Demand Gig Economy STRATEGY to simplify marketing to SAVE Clients up to 90% of their marketing time, plus up to 90% OFF their marketing investments.

"Small business owners today, simply MUST learn to market differently or they will not be able to compete with companies who are paying so much less than you are in their marketing - even for "Do it For You" marketing,” Hayes says.

That's why Mike interviewed Diane Mulcahy, the author of The Gig Economy; to verify the On Demand Gig Economy STRATEGY.

“The Gig Economy is going to be either a blessing of a curse for entrepreneurs depending on whether they embrace the benefits of the new resources and lower pricing, or ignore the new rules of the freelance gig economy at their peril,” Mike cautions small business owners.

After many years helping entrepreneurs design, create and share Your Signature Story (Your Personal Branding) - - Mike recognized small business owners were being pulled into more and more complicated directions because they didn't know the better ways.

Mike is very transparent about the mission he is taking on with Helping Grow USA, “We want to recruit an abundance of New Clients to use our On Demand Gig Economy STRATEGY in order to help our new Clients to GET an Abundance of new Clients too. Our goal is to help start one new business a day,” Hayes says confidently.

“People are being over-sold, at agency pricing, marketing solutions that take too much of their time and don’t work. Our On Demand Gig Economy STRATEGY is designed to help entrepreneurs get SAVINGS of Up to 90% OFF Agency Pricing,” Hayes says.

“Everything we do it customized so it starts with a free, no pressure, no obligation interview with me personally, so I can use my media marketing background with NBC, CNN, and TV and Radio infomercials listen carefully to help design and record a compelling Signature Story that Help businesses to recruit new Clients to hire them,” Hayes explains.

Understanding that we are already IN The Gig Economy is imperative for small business owners.

Small business is not ONLY about making money - but when it comes to the BUSINESS of small business it IS - about the money.

That’s WHY I’m being invited by cities and Chambers of Commerces and Universities to speak - or participate in panel discussions - because they KNOW it is vital for their small business owners to learn this.

“I have committed to spend a significant amount of my time interviewing entrepreneurs - at no up-front cost - to help you design, create, and share your Signature Story about your business. Your Signature Story should share your core values, and your passions, so that you can impact the world in the unique and wonderful way in which you are gifted.” Mike says.

Mike wants you to be heard, be seen and gain an abundance of new Clients by using the New Gig Economy Resources to Share their story through out any - or all media channels - with discounts up to 90% OFF Agency Pricing.

There are significant bonuses to working with Mike as your Signature Story interviewer because he has national radio feature stories to tell.

Anthology Signature Stories gain the marketing status of being featured on NBC - CBS - ABC and Fox on our Transactional Landing Pages.

We designed these Signature Story Landing Pages to shorten the runway to an abundance of new clients. This model is as close to having - Your Own Small Business in a Shell - waiting for you to inhabit about Your Signature Story - about you and your business.

Mike is sincerely committed to helping empower entrepreneurs - starting with a no cost, no obligation, no pressure, 1-to-1 media marketing strategy, interviews for a full 30 minutes to empower you as never before - to understand and succeed in the Rising Freelance Gig Economy.

There has long been an urgent need for affordable media marketing - that’s what the On Demand Gig Economy STRATEGY offers.

For example, you’ll learn how to use Your Signature Story as an audiobook sale funnel - complete with new client magnet landing page and GUARANTEED as featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and more.

FYI: Watch for upcoming four color Full Page Spreads in USA Today, Forbes Magazine and More.

Mike is an in-demand speaker, and an On-Demand Virtual Speaker, with his audio books and online courses, and a frequent guest expert on success panels, tele-summits, TV and radio shows.

Michael Hayes is the Creator of Signature Story Selling, a Media Marketing Expert, Master Trainer, Best Selling Author, Business and Visibility Expert, Broadcast AM/FM National Radio Talk Show Host about The Rising Gig Economy and a Co-Leader of Helping Grow USA Small Businesses and nationwide Meetup Network, and Discount Remnant Media Broker. His favorite signature is “Onward with Determination and Serenity.”

Mike’s Mission:

Mike is a Business Marketing Strategist, and media, marketing and publicity mentor (to Mike mentor means “hands-on").

Mike is convinced that small business owners today, must accept that if you are in small business, you are in marketing.

A serial entrepreneur since childhood, as a speaker, Mike regales audiences with hilarious tales of his exploits throughout the heights of broadcasting and how he found the secret solution to the broken small business market.

So he was asked to address a group of entrepreneurs at John F. Kennedy University. Have a laugh and change your business:

“The Rising Gig Economy and what it means for your business.The World economy is changing, and how we operate within it has shifted drastically in the past few years. The traditional 9–5 full-time career is being sidestepped and passed by, more and more as the gig economy increases. Join this group of Expert Panelists to learn more about what this “Gig Economy” means to your business.” 

Supporters of Mike Hayes and the On Demand Gig Economy STRATEGY:

1) The City of Pleasant Hill

2) The Chamber of Commerce

3) WorkForce Development Board (Contra Costa County)

4) SBDC California

5) John F. Kennedy University

6) TOGO’s Restaurants

Mike has guided thousands of people through the today’s requirement for personal branding as Signature Story Selling, whether in person, online or on business cards. He partners with his clients as they transition from who they have been into who they want to become as entrepreneurs in the rising on demand freelance gig economy.

Signature Story Selling is about gaining clarity about yourself and presenting that brand to others. Mike’s workshops are designed to help you improve or strengthen your personal brand, understand the alignment with your workplace, and build a reputation as a trusted authority. 

Are you looking for that opportunity to create a personal branding Signature Story to evolve in a constantly rising On Demand Gig Economy? Talk with Mike because if he can’t help you he’ll refer you to someone who can.

Professional Expertise

Mike is a seasoned entrepreneur coach and 25+ year veteran of the media, marketing and public relations industry.  

Mike is a highly empathetic person who partners with people in transition into a small business. He is uniquely experienced strategist in ways to shorten your runway to launch and accelerate your ability to acquire new clients, always with a result-oriented and compassionate understanding of your entrepreneur mindset. 

Whether starting a new business, or moving your business to the next level or to a bigger game, as an entrepreneur coach and media mentor, Mike is especially skilled at moving new ideas into the market with a three-step system he calls: design it, create, it and share it. 

As a media marketing mentor, Mike was trained for ten years as a documentary interviewer and director at NBC TV & Radio in New York, at CNN-TV in Los Angeles, followed by 20+ years in the publicity and TV and radio direct response and infomercial industries.

As a life and business coach, Mike was trained as a coach by Berry Fowler, founder of The Fowler International Professional Coaching Academy. Mike also holds group coaching webinars on the entrepreneur mindset - based on the 50 year secret that sparked the idea of the gig economy.

Mike brings both a keen sense of humor to his own personal story telling plus a confident ability to interview and listen to clients in order to help clarify his client’s signature stories and put them in the best light for getting new clients.

“I am passionate about being able to put my Client’s up on the pedestal of authority. I use a carefully developed system of interviewing, mentoring and editing, until we are both totally convinced we have created the very best Signature Story for them about their background and they offer so they can get an abundance of new clients,” Hayes, says. That’s what I am most proud of doing.

Kind confidence, humble wisdom, and a keen media insider insight, Mike’s multi-sided media industry experience, blanket media from his experience as an NBC Producer, to a book publicist, to TV and Radio Infomercials to simplifying the broken small business social media model that is no longer working.

In his entrepreneur coaching and media mentoring practice, Mike draws heavily from his improv comedy experience, and live radio interviews with his own media mentors, such as Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Regis Philbin, Joy Mangano, Forbes Riley, Kevin Harrington and many more. Making the media accessible and affordable for the small and medium sized profit oriented businesses are one of Mike's biggest strengths

Through an insightful presence Mike is able to use his in-depth interview skills to put his Client's in a trusted position of authority where their prospective Client's are receptive to listen thoughtfully to them.

Mike is able to teach entrepreneurs how to design, create, (capture), and share their Signature Story and consistently excel in gaining abundant new clients. 

Clients frequently cite Mike's decades of interviewing experience to put them at ease with his heart-centered approach as key reasons why he has been so long entrusted as an executive confidante, coach and advisor.

Pulling from his documentary storytelling experience, Mike not only helps entrepreneurs break through the noise, and quickly engage and connect with audiences to inspire and enroll them.

Recent Coaching Engagements.

A nationally renowned authority marketing expert, speaker and best selling author access the highly sought ‘As Featured On” status of NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and more.

A former VP of a $2 Billion dollars per year packed goods company transition into coaching in the On Demand Gig Economy to quickly ramp up and hit the ground running in a brand new role.

Legendary Bay Area Event Planner transition from hosting parties for the CEO’s, of Apple, Google, Intuit, and more transition to “semi-retirement coaching” and finishing an upcoming book.

Educator, and Student of one of Tesla’s top protege’s and lifelong entrepreneur preparing to revolutionize and update our education process.

Multilevel Marketing Entrepreneur with a natural energy drink who wish to tap into the professional flight attendant market.

Education, Professional Affiliations and Professional Awards

Real World Education After College: Ten years as a staff documentary director for NBC TV and Radio News and Sports in New York, where I interviewed everybody from Margaret Meade at the Natural History Museum in Manhattan, to Murderers on Rikers Island (New York’s most famous jail), to hundreds of Legendary Figures in sports and entertainment around the U.S., and the World, from Europe to Africa.

Member of The Directors Guild of America

Co-Winner with NBC and an Associate of Two Peabody Awards

Education in Academia

Dean’s List Graduate of Eastern Michigan University

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Rotary International


Professional Sports

My Daily Buddhist Practice to Promote World Peace and Understanding, and Be a Happier and Better Catholic (and I don’t see a problem with that).

Helping Grow USA Small Business Meetup network nationwide to gain an abundance of new clients, so I can help my new clients gain an abundance of new clients to help start one new business every day.

Onward with determination and serenity.

1. You'll know new CURRENT Runway Launch Resource Pricing which is Newly Available in the freelancer gig economy.

2. You'll now Your Idea's Signature Story and a Strategy for Utilizing Deep Discounts for Launch Runways..

3. Describe Your Ideal Customer.

4. You'll now How to Share Across Multiple Platforms to Reach Them and Convert to Customers with Your Signature Story.

Your big idea from vision to reality in four steps.


Mike Hayes

Email: Mike@OnDemandGigEconomy.com 

Phone: 1 (888) 254-0550

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